Sav-A-Lam® Milk Replacer


Sav-A-Lam® is a premium quality lamb milk replacer in a non-medicated formula designed to closely match natural ewe’s milk. It is made with 100% milk proteins for optimum digestibility and performance in lambs. Sav-A-Lam is formulated specifically for flexibility in feeding – it may be fed warm or cold, by bottle, bucket, or automated feeder. The product contains 23% protein and 30% fat, with balanced levels of all essential vitamins and minerals. The formula is restricted in lactose and has no added copper. Instantized with our exclusive Magic Crystals® technology for effortless mixing.

Sav-A-Lam® Milk Replacer-download pdf file

Advance® Lamb Milk Replacer


Advance® Lamb Milk Replacer with Colostrum is an instant mixing, all-milk protein product. It is formulated to meet the entire nutritional requirements of baby lambs from the second day of life to weaning, allowing maximum growth rates when fed ad-lib. Advance Lamb Milk Replacer is acidified to prevent bacterial spoilage once reconstituted, giving mixed milk a shelf life of up to 24 hours.

Advance® Lamb Milk Replacer-download pdf file

SWEETLIX® All-in-One Sheep and Goat Pressed Block


  • Ideal protein supplement for goats comingled with sheep
  • Highly palatable block helps supplement low quality forages
  • Specifically designed to supplement small ruminants for optimum growth and reproduction
  • Protein, vitamin and mineral supplementation in one product.
  • No additional sources of salt or minerals required*
  • Delivers 20% crude protein from all natural sources
  • Excellent protein source for all classes of goats
  • Convenient, easy to handle 33.3-lb. block
  • Weather resistant block requires no special feeders or bunks
SWEETLIX® All-in-One Sheep and Goat Pressed Block-download pdf file