Maturity Pellet

Maturity Pellet-download pdf file

Features & Benefits:

  • No corn Formula! keep sugar and starch levels low
  • Higher fat and highly digestible fiber for top performances and sustained energy
  • Optimal balance of essential amino acids for muscle maintenance
  • Essential organic minerals support normal tissue maintenance in aging horses
  • Essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6, required for healthy skin, healthy haircoat and support of normal tissue function
  • Optimum levels of antioxidants Vitamins E, Vitamin C and Selenium reduce damage to body tissues from aging and exercise and boosts your horse’s immunity
  • With Opti-ferm--microencapsulated active dry yeast; acts as both a pre- and pro-biotic, increases total diet digestibility and improves overall gut health

TRIBUTE Maturity Pelleted feed can be used as a complete feed when hay is in short supply or unavailable. Feed up to 20 lbs. per day, but divide into at least 4 feedings per day.