It’s All About Consistency and Intake 

• The CRYSTALYX® manufacturing process provides product consistency and intake quality – your cattle consume the same amount, from barrel to barrel. 

• The naturally self-limiting formula pulls moisture from the air to soften the layers at the top of the barrel. When cattle consume it, only so much can be softened for them to eat. 

• Because of their manufacturing process, other low-moisture blocks contain more moisture, which allows cows to consume it at a faster rate. 

• Suddenly that “cheaper” option ends up costing you much more.



CRYSTALYX® BUFFER-LYX™ is a unique, nutrient dense, formulation specifically designed for lactating dairy cows that have the potential for experiencing subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA).  BUFFER-LYX™ is formulated with rumen buffering ingredients to maintain maximum levels of feed intake and promote increased milk production while minimizing disorders often associated with high-producing dairy cows.
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Close Up Formula

CRYSTALYX® CLOSE-UP FORMULA™ is a free-choice supplement containing chelated/organic trace minerals and anionic salts.  It is designed to be fed in addition to a balanced dry cow ration  three weeks before calving. CLOSE-UP FORMULA™ is well suited for use in herds or conditions where milk fever and hypocalcemia are likely to occur.
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CRYSTALYX® Beef- lyx® is a unique, nutrient- dense supplement formulated to help improve health and stimulate appetites of incoming feedlot cattle. Beef- lyx® supplies supplemental energy, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and yeast culture in a very palatable form to help reduce stress in incoming feedlot cattle.


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CRYSTALYX® Brigade® Stress Fighting Formula is a high energy, free- choice supplement fortified with electrolytes, high levels of vitamins and minerals and chelated/ organic trace minerals.  This helps overcome nutritional stress associated with weaning, shipping, grouping and the breeding period.


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CRYSTALYX® Goat- lyx® is an 18% all- natural protein supplement that is specifically fortified for goats.  It is formulated to provide the added nutrition for enhancing forage utilization and production measures for growth, lactation, reproduction and health.


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CRYSTALYX® Iono- lyx® B300 gives you all the advantages of a CRYSTALYX® supplement program plus the added benefits of BOVATEC®- the leading ionophore feed additive for pasture cattle.  BOVATEC® is proven to increase weight gain in pasture cattle.  In fact, 84 pasture studies conducted between 1980 and 2000 showed that BOVATEC® improved average daily gain (ADG) by 9.82% or 0.14 per- head, per- day.*
*Individual results may vary.


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Premium Goat and Sheep


CRYSTALYX® Premium Goat & Sheep™ is an all- natural highly concentrated protein supplement for all classes of goats and sheep. The increased protein levels can dramatically improve forage digestion and intake with added Vitamin E to help meet animal requirements.


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Replacement Heifer


CRYSTALYX® Replacement Heifer™ Formula is a high energy, free- choice protein and mineral supplement forumulated for the growing heifer.  As part of a balanced feeding program, Replacement Heifer™ Formula will provide needed trace minerals, vitamins, added energy and protein for the developing heifer.


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Rolyx Pro


CRYSTALYX® Rolyx® Pro contains Rabon® , the proveneffective oral larvicide, to prevent the development of Horn Flies, Face Flies, House Flies and Stable Flies in the manure of treated animals. Give your livestock around-the-clock fly protection and supplemental nutrition.


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CRYSTALYX® Sheep- lyx™ is a 16% protein, nutrient- dense supplement designed for all classes of sheep consuming forage- based diets. Sheep- lyx™ contains no added copper.
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CRYSTALYX® Stable- lyx® is a unique, palatable, high energy supplement designed for consistent free- choice consumption by all classes of equine.  Stable- lyx® ensures daily intake of trace minerals and vitamins necessary for top performance.


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CRYSTALYX® SuperMAG™ is a highly palatable, high magnesium, nutrient- dense, low- moisture blend of molasses solids, protein meal, hydrolyzed vegetable oil, vitamins and macro and micro minerals.  University research suggests supplemental magnesium can help reduce the incidence of grass tetany.  SuperMAG™ provides supplemental magnesium in a highly palatable form.


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CRYSTALYX® DRY COWFORMULA™ is a self-fed supplement designed for use in addition to a balanced ration for dry cows consuming low calcium and/or potassium forages.  DRY COW FORMULA™is fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace minerals to aid in reducing metabolic disorders and subsequent rebreeding problems.


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Transition Stress


CRYSTALYX® TRANSITION STRESS FORMULA™ is a nutrient-dense, free-choice supplement fortified with high levels of vitamins, minerals and yeast culture specifically formulated for high stress periods experienced by dairy cows and calves. Uniform intake of these key nutrients and ingredients are essential for high-producing dairy cows to make a healthy and productive transition as a dry cow through freshening.


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