B. I. G. Calf Grower

B. I. G. Calf Grower-download pdf file

B.I.G grain formulas are proprietary blends that include:

  • Intake stimulants. We all know that getting calves to eat grain is critical. Our intake stimulant has calves eating grain quicker and more consistently.
  • Essential Oils. These aid in the development of the rumen. They have been shown to promote certain strains of bacteria while also helping intake.
  • B Vitamins. B vitamins are involved in a whole range of rumen, metabolism, and growth of the calf. Calves fed whole milk typically consume over 10x the levels found in milk replacers. Thus, to get the calf closer to mom’s milk, we’ve added B vitamins.
  • Sugar and organic acids. Not only does sugar stimulate intake, it also stimulates rumen development. The organic acids act in conjunction with the sugar and essential oils to promote a healthy rumen.
  • Amino acids. The essential building block of proteins, research has shown that calves are deficient in lysine and methionine. Through ingredient selection, we’ve increased the amino acid content of the grain to match the calf requirements.
  • Higher levels of Vitamin E plus organic minerals. These nutrients stimulate the immune function of the calf. A healthy calf grows better and our vitamin E levels are aimed specifically at maximizing the calf immune system and growth.
  • Linseed meal (Flax) to provide specific fatty acids. These fatty acids have been proven to not only enhance hair coats, but also improve immune function.
  • Highly digestible ingredients to maximize growth.