Growth Pellets

Growth Pellets-download pdf file

Features & Benefits:

  • No corn formula to keep sugar and starch levels low
  • Lower non-structural carbohydrate (NSC = sugar + starch) content reduces insulin response.  Elevated insulin levels can inhibit hormones important to normal bone development and contribute to developmental orthopedic disease.
  • Prevent "Fetal Programming"- feeding high NSC diet to pregnant mares may increase the likelihood of her foal developing insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome.
  • Higher fat, highly digestible fiber and lower sugar and starch for calmer horses with improved gut health.
  • Essential amino acids for growth and muscle maintenance
  • Essential organic minerals support normal bone and tissue growth
  • Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 & 6) for health skin, haircoat and support of normal tissue function
  • Optimum levels of antioxidants Vitamins E, Vitamin C and Selenium reduce damage from aging and exercise.  Also boosts immunity.
  • With Opti-ferm microencapsulated active dry yeast; acts as both a pre- and probiotic, increases total diet digestibility and improves overall gut health.